Monday, July 20, 2009

Franco Urru originals.

Here are some pics of my latest purchased original art.

It's two comic pages by Franco Urru, from Angel After the fall(issue 17, page 5) and Spike After the fall(issue 3, page 19). Although technically the AATF art if just one panel from page 5(Urru didn't draw the entire page on the same paper/board-thing)

Links to bigger versions of the pics


  1. Very nice! I always liked Franco's art from the start. He's good at drawing Illyria.

    That montage scene in #17 is captured so powerfully how it shows without saying Illyria is infected w/ Spike's and Wesley's memories of Fred and why she's not comfortable to be around Spike now. It's a complete contrast to that scene in Spike:ATF #3 where she wants to be his "priority". and That pose Spike is in reminds me ALOT of Wolverine in the last scene of X-men: The Last Stand.