Friday, July 3, 2009

MY THOUGHTS Finally got a hold of the new 'Tales of the vampires' one-shot from last month.

This was a interesting insight to a vampires mind. In one panel May has sex with Jacob, not asking permission before getting started, in the next Jacob thinks about killing his mom and finally he says that drunk drivers kill people, not vamps. Not sure if Jacob's morals went to hell before or after he died, but it seems to be a common theme with vampires. They embrace the evil so quickly, sometimes even forgetting what humans call right and wrong. They think evil if their birthright and that they're "people" too. Like with Harmony; Still wanting to be friends with Cordy, even tough she tried to kill her.

The last page was beautiful, both artwise and character-wise. I read the last lines as Jacob, as he said, daring to want more, to finally get Alex, to dare to feel.

Vampires aren't just monsters. They're part human too, and a few of them might even be decent people(if they have access to willing-to-be-feed-on people).

That's one of the things I love about Buffy. It's not always white and black.

That said, I think Jacob needs to be slayed.

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