Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I've been thinking about religion...

...and my religion is Whedondom. Joss Whedon is our main God, but we believe in his family members as well.

I mainly pray to the demi-God Hot Platina, but I worship more entities from the Goddom of Buffy & Angel, for example The Chosen One and The Broody One. But I also recognize the awesomeness of the other Jossverses and their demi-Gods.

Some verses I have more fate in than others, for example I hold the Firefly-verse above the Dollhouse-verse.

It's a very individual religion, you can choose what or who to worship without the other Jossverses wanting to stake you (that would be "crucify" for Christians). Normally. Some fanatics (a.k.a. fanboys and fangirls) could overreact in case you don't worship "correctly".

Even tough this is a relatively individual religion, there's a few commendments, do's and don'ts. Here are a few:

* Do not call Season 8 "Just a comic", even tough Joss Whedon has confirmed it to be canon. Unless he un-canonize the comic, IT'S CANON. Period. You may argue that it's not as canon as the TV-show, but It. Is. Canon.

* Do not claim that Spuffy is better than Bangel, or vice versa. You may have a preference, and appreaciate different aspects of one relationship while dislikeing the other relationship, but unless you wish to start a holy war, do not say that one shipping 'rules' while the other one 'sucks'. There will be blood.

* No character is perfect.

* No writer is perfect.

*There is never only ONE absolute true interpretation of anything that happens on the show (sometimes even God's interpretation can be disgareed with). Holding your interpretation above other worshippers and calling the people who disagree with you non-believers or 'fanboys' och 'fangirls' when your patience leaves you is a death sin (lucky for us tough, in this religion we believe in resurrection, returning from the dead, so committing death sins? Not that big a deal.).

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