Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

Remember possesed Cordy killing Lilah in Calvary?

Presumably to keep the secret of Cordelia being the big bad from leaking, the episode revelation is written as follows in the script;

Lilah hightails it, rounds a corner, hurries down the long hallway, looks back over her shoulder when WHAM! She's GRABBED by someone in an open doorway (and very much O.S.). Lilah gasps, real fear on her face.

LILAH: He's gonna kill us!


ANGELUS: I know.

He spins Lilah around in one fluid motion-DRIVES the BEAST'S DAGGER into the side of Lilah's THROAT, destroying her only chance to scream.

(I'm once again quoting Angel: The Casefiles)

Does anyone know what "and very much O.S." means?