Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 3 AKAs: part 3

This is the third installment in my top 3 AKAs series.

First part
Second part

3. Enormous hall monitor, by Spike in Out Of My Mind.
2. Captain Cardboard, by Spike in No Place Like Home.
1. A big jungle cat, by Xander in Fool For Love.

3. Legal eagle, by Lorne in Life of the Party.
2. Charlie boy, by Spike in Destiny.
1. Mr. I Don't Take Orders - now where do I stick my axe?, by Cordelia in Redefintion.

3. Cleavagy slut-bomb, by Willow in This Year's Girl.
2. The do that girl, by Willow in Enemies.
1. Slut-O-Rama, by Cordelia in Faith, Hope & Trick.

3. Demon clown, by Illyria in Timebomb.
2. Lorney-tunes, Harmony in Life of the Party.
1. *Uncle* filthy demon, by Lorne in Benediction.

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