Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hint of gayness in Season 2?

I'm watching Reptile Boy right now, and I noticed what might be the first hint of Willow's gay/biness:

WILLOW: You're going to the fraternity party? What made you change your mind?
BUFFY: Angel.
WILLOW[a little jealous]: He's going with you? [To Xander] She's got a date with Angel, isn't that exciting?
XANDER: I'm elated.
BUFFY: I-I'm not going with Angel. I'm going with ... yea gods... Cordelia!
WILLOW: Cordelia? Did I sound a little jealous just then, because I'm not really-... Cordelia?

The direction "a little jealous" was from the original script, so Willow was definitly suppose to sound jealous, it's not just what the character suspected.

I wonder if there's more hints to Willow liking girls before she meet Tara, other than vampire Willow's behaviour.

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