Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little comic book rant

I just read the 4 first issues in the original Buffy series(the one with over 60 issues). I've found lots of time inconsistencies. It seems to be season 3 post Band candy, yet pre-Suprise, still post Surprise, for several reasons, to just mentioned a few times markers that make no sense when combined (for example, Oz is there, knowing about monsters, which sets the comic post-Innocence, yet both souled Angel and Spike & Dru are around, which makes it pre-What's my line?)

How could this comic be published? The writer(s) and the editor(s) couldn't have watched the show that closely. Here I thought Joss read and approved every comic. Was that wrong, or did he just read summarizations?

It will be interesting to see how Darkhorse have placed them in the Buffy omnibuses, which are suppose to be chronological. I was thinking about making a list of continuity errors for the series, time wise and plot wise, but it's 60-ish issues, and I can't be bothered. I do love to whine, but that's taking it too far.

EDIT- 5th August 2010

Seems like I put my foot in my mouth. But just a little. I've read up until issue 11 now, and I overreacted about the Dru/Spike thing, since Buffy could have been worried about them returning in Season 3 as well. Also, another character mentioned that they left town. So this series seems to follow the Season 3 story, definitly set after Beauty and the Beasts, since Angel is back. But I found a big inconsistency.

Buffy & Angel are dating, comfortably it seems. So is Cordelia & Xander. How does that work? Angel & Buffy didn't get couply until way after Lover's Walk(they were "just friends" as they told Spike), but that's when Xander & Cordelia broke up, due to the cheating.

I could probably go back, read the issues again to try to make sense of it, and re-evaluate the other inconsistencies I found with this non-Spike&Dru error in mind, but I'm too lazy.

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  1. no you are right Caroline. that novel where Team Angel meets Buffy & Co contradicts the main canon line. Gunn and Spike don't meet until Season 5...