Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From Help (when the Scoobie gang tries to save a girl from her forseen death).

"Anya mistakenly councles a scorned woman instead of helping her seek vengeance in a scene cut due to length:
ANYA: 'What a creepazoid. It's like he didn't just forget your birthday, but the day on which, in keeping with moderna American tradition, one's life is celebrated. One's very self. He didn't celebrate your self.'
(But later...)
ANYA:'But anyway, this boyfriend of yours - it sounds like maybe he was trying to do what you wanted.'
(And later still...)
LULU: 'Thanks, you've been a big help.'
She exits. Anya smiles. until she realizes she didn't wreak any venegance. She looks up, but Lulu is gone.
ANYA: 'Wait..."'

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