Friday, August 20, 2010

The joining of the verses.

According to statements from both IDW and Darkhorse, the Angel books will return to Darkhorse, while seemingly making many IDW comics canon, by coordinating the Angel series and Season 8's storylines.

Read Darkhorse's statement, and IDW's statement.

I am so happy. It seems like this will canonize a huge part of the IDW books, and once again join the two verses.

I hope we will find out exactly which comics are canon and which are not. This might seem silly to some people, but I really care about which stories are real, and can be "added" to the history of the character. Because I really want to know these characters, what they've been through, what they feel, and why.

I'm so happy that it seems like the verse have grown in just one day, making what some people can "glorified fanfiction" into the real deal. I hope I'm not getting too excited too fast, since canon hasn't even been mentioned, just that the storlines will be coordinated, but it sounds like it will canonize them, doesn't it?

I can't wait for Season 9. Season 8 hasn't turned out the way I hoped it would (The Twilight arc makes me sick) but now I'm really excited for whatever will happen in the next run. And I don't even like Angel as a character!

I wonder if Willow will meet Illyria and find out about Fred, and maybe about Giles not wanting to help Angel in Shells. Oh, the potential drama. And it will be nice to see if Xander have learned to behave around Angel now, and not to give Buffy shit over having dated him. It's not like Xander hasn't dated a redeemed demon himself.

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