Friday, August 20, 2010

The move: Bad idea? [spoilers?]

I had a change of heart regarding Angel's move to Darkhorse after reading this interview: Buffyfest (it could be spoilery)

Now I'm more scared than excited.

I'm so cranky now, after thinking this through. But not because of Angel, because of Spike. I was looking forward to years and years of the Spike ongoing, and now it's turned into a mini series, and that might be it.

"The main thing is that IDW has to wrap up their stories"

That line bothers me. They have to wrap up their stories. Considering what people have been telling me about the main series (still haven't gotten the chance to read past issue 27), saying they have to wrap up their stories would be like having to wrap up BtVS season 6 before it's time, even tough it might, like season 6, has to be told completely to be appreciated. Maybe if IDW had been given a chance, they could have made the ongoing great, and this is just a rough patch.

I really hate that it seems like Darkhorse "stole" the story from IDW. I was much happier believing IDW choose it.

"Yes, but believe me, it sucks to have too many characters in a single book"

They should have thought about that before buying the license. I'm really starting to think that I jumped to conclusions when I thought "Hey, this must mean they're going to release lots of stories, and have many people working on this".

I wonder if the "I saw some posts on Slayalive, and I know everyone wants an absolutely mathematical answer" line could have something to do with my "I want to know what exactly is canon and what is not" rant on there, lol. Glad to know I don't have to put all of my thoughts in a fanmail for a chance of Allie reading them.

And oh, I would really have liked to listen in to the "refreshing" phone call between Ryall and Allie. Drama, drama, drama.


I forgot to mention, that I heard there were some talk about how the license for Angel ends in 2011 (thus my line about the comics being stolen), and that's how Darkhorse got the license. Sneaky, sneaky, but so far, only rumours.


"The main thing is that IDW has to wrap up their stories" I might have jumped to conclusions about that line. Might just mean that he's aware of the problem, not that he'll think that's what's going to happen. I'm still worried tough.

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