Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Queen of the Slayers & Season 8 [Spoilers]

angelsclone over at slayalive.com brings up a few interesting comparisons between Season 8 and the non-canon Buffy novel Queen of the Slayers.

If you haven't seen the spoilery Jo Chen cover for issue 38 (if you want to see it, go here) and don't wish to be spoiled, don't continue reading:

"Has anybody read the novel "Queen of the Slayers" by Nancy Holder? There are a few tidbids within the novel that seem to have popped up in Season Eight that i thought i'd share and hear your thoughts..

1. The title itself has been used in "No Future For You", whom rogue slayer Genevieve used to describe Buffy.

2. Robin Wood takes a group of Slayers to the Hellmouth in Cleveland, this is Robin's current location in Season Eight.

3. They go to Tibet, and re-meet Oz. Tibet? Oz? sounds like "Retreat"?

4. Willow goes into a coma, but is somehow woken up by a kiss from her lover, Kennedy. Sounds a little like Satsu waking up Buffy from a coma with a kiss ay?

5. Dawn goes into a coma, as she was The Key, and has a link to the Earth, which is crumbling because of the ensuing evil. Now after the cover reveal of #38 this got me thinking, could Dawn be in a coma in the cover as a result of whats happening in "Twilight/Last Gleaming"?

5. Buffy is then joined by both Angel and Spike's souls, and together they create an angelic daughter with all of their features. Now i know everyone hates the idea of Buffy being pregnant but this could be "The Seed"."


Very interesting comparisons, don't you think? Could simply just be coincidences. Kennedy has after all already used a kiss Willow to cure Willow in Season 7 (The Killer In Me), and Oz being in Tibet is nothing new (read this scene), so both the book and series using that isn't weird. Together with the rest it gets spooky tough.

I think the theory on why Dawn is sick/dead/hurt on the cover could be correct. Her dying because of Buffy would cause some mayor grief on Buffy's part, and maybe that could make for interesting stories for Season 9 (but we did see Buffy deal with this sort of guilt before, when she sent Angel to Hell, so maybe it wouldn't be that interesting).

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