Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fake preview art guy

Remember the fake issue 35 (of Season 8) preview I mentioned a while back, and that caused lots of talk around the Buffy online community? Click here to see it again (unless you haven't read issue 33).

It's very well made, but the common conlusion seemed to have been that it was a fake, since it looks traced, and nothing like what George Jeanty usually draws. It was later confirmed that whoever that said that was a real preview had been lying.

Turns out the guy who's art I showed here is the one who made it, and in his art thread at slayalive he has posted more art, some very very beautiful (if you're Spuffy fan, you have to see this George Jeanty styled piece).

Not sure if he meant to trick everyone with the fake preview (btw, here's another quite poignant one), he hasn't replied to my question about that yet, but you can't deny that the guy should have been hired by a comic book company yesterday, because he's so damn good.

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