Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

The Season 8 motion comic is available on itunes and amazon now. Íf I remember correctly, one "issue" per week will be released. 19 issue are planned, adaptations of the 19 first issues of Season 8.

The DVD will be out January 4, 2011. Question is; Should I buy it? I'm facing a few reasons to buy, and quite a few not to buy.

Why should I buy it?

*It's Buffy. I feel like I should love it.

*It's sort of a collectible (I consider all merchandise a collectible).
*It supports the franchise.
*It might be entertaining.

Why should I not buy it?

*I've seen two clips(One from the The Long Way Home part 1 and one from Wolves at the Gate) and one trailer. The WatG clip as been taken of the internet, supposedly because a lot of people at hated it. Because it's not good. The voice actors are crappy. I can do better, at least the Willow voice. I wonder if the actors and creators have seen Buffy and studied the characters at all. In that Wolves at the Gate clips, Buffy sounds like Cordelia. Which will be messed up if they air issue 20, which has both Cordelia and Buffy in it.
*People who have watched the first issue says they cut out lines.
*Joss Whedon or anyone who created the comic is not involved at all, might not even have been asked to be. This is a interpretation of the story Joss wanted to tell. How the lines are said, how he imagined the characters moving, it might all be off.
*It's not canon. It's a interpretation and summarization of canon, for the two reasons mention above.
*The comic book writers and artists are (supposedly) not getting payed for their work being used for the motion comic.

And the biggest con of all: The comic series is not done yet. How can the creaters of this motion comic know if they're cutting out something important to the story, or interpret it the wrong way? What if they cut out the panel or line that solves the entire Twilight-mystery? Will they have to create their own ending?

So what do you think? That's a whole lot of cons. Over at, many don't want to pay if the writers and artists aren't getting payed, but I care more about that this is basically fanfic pretending to be canon, by people who aren't fans. I don't like paying for fanfic. It's one thing buying the fiction books or the non-canon comics, but they're usually a lot better than this.
Of course, I won't know how crappy the motion comic is until I buy it. Which means that I'll have to. Just like I'll have to watch the original Buffy movie one day, even tough Joss has been said to really dislike how it turned out.

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