Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spike & Dawn; Could it happen?

What if you favorite non-canon shipping happened? How would that work out?

Not talking about what kind of fanfics you like to read, but how would that have been played out on TV/in the comics, written by professional writers who aren't out to fullfile fan needs, but write a believeable great story.

My thoughts on Spawn:
I can't decide which ship is my favorite, but I pick Spawn(Spike+Dawn) and how it could be played out in the comics (on the show it would have been a bit icky, since she's too young, nevermind that Bangel happened when Buffy was Dawn's age).

I pick that ship since it's not as "unbelieveble" as some of my other favorite ships (one of them Xander+Angelus+Spike). I've never seen them have any chemistry on the show, just some potential friendship going on, but I just like the idea of them together.

I think there would be a huge issue with the attempted rape on Buffy, and also that Spike used to date Buffy. I can also see Xander trying to stake Spike (out of jelaousy or overprotectiveness, in case they feel out of love before Spawn happened).

I think it could be interesting, and pretty good drama. Sure, we've already have a lot of triangle dramas on the shows (Angel/Buffy/Spike, Angelus/Drusilla/Spike, Gunn/Wesley/Fred, Angel/possessed-Cordelia/Connor, Lilah/Fred/Wesley and probably more I've forgotten) but I would like to see this play out. It's kind of a foursome drama actually, in case Xander would still be in the picture.

Here's an idea:
Spike is hanging after Buffy as usually, in season 9. He and Dawn has a talk about the attempted rape thing, and Dawn tries to forgive him. Xander hates that they're talking to each other. Maybe he unconsciously feels that there's something there. Then Spike & Buffy start to date. Angel is in London, being depressed, out of the picture. Buffy still loves him, but can't stand being in the same country as him and doesn't see that changing.

Spike & Buffy stats to date. Spike starts noticing Dawn. And Dawn sees him too (I can see a funny walking-in-on-Spike-coming-out-naked-from-the-shower scene happening). They both thinks it's icky, with Spike having seen her as a child for so long, and his great love's little sister, and Dawn seeing him as a potential monster that hurt her sister(I think this needs to be dealt with, since fans would have the same problems). Maybe they admit the chemistry between them, talk about it, and decides that it's nothing. They are both happy with the relationships they have.

The story moves on (it's not like this would happen in just a couple of issues, the story above should have taken a arc or two) and everything seems fine. Maybe Buffy and Xander sees that there's something between Spike & Dawn and worry a bit (maybe they act a certain way around each, not even knowing it themselves, sharing laughs and becoming friends). Anyhow, let's say something happens. A quick kiss, almost by accident or a event like in Lover's walk with Willow & Xander; a dangerous situation turns romantic. They regret it right away of course. Spike hates the idea of cheating because of Drusilla's lust after Angelus, and Dawn has been down that road before.

Dawn is full with guilt. Spike keeps his mouth shut, not willing to risk Buffy & his relationship, but Dawn tells Xander & Buffy. Hopefully this brings up Buffy trying to seduce Xander. I think Dawn thinks she understands what happened, but repressed her fears, up until now.

The reveal causes mayor drama. Maybe Xander & Buffy want to take a break from Spike & Dawn, and breaks up with them.

Spike is mad at Dawn, they argue, and ops! Angry sex. Then regret. Lots of it. But less than they both expected. Then things go from there, with continued drama, and Spike loving Buffy and Dawn loving Xander, but the chemistry between Dawn & Spike won't go away. Maybe in the end, they stop fighting it. But since it's a Whedon story and there's no happy ending, I'm guessing that either Spike or Dawn moves away from San Francisco and starts anew (spin offs!). Hopefully, they end up together in the last season, or atleast one of them meet someone. I really think Spike deserves a healthy relationship for a change, so if not with Dawn, maybe Buffy, or someone entirely new.

I can see this happening, in case Joss decided the relationship should be explored. Am I being too unrealistic? There's no need to get this deep into the pairing; maybe they just feel attracted to each other, no romance, and Dawn wants revenge for some reason (maybe the Xander seduction) and seduces Spike, who may or may not be dating Buffy.

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