Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From First date (Buffy season 7).

Not all the lines from the scene where Wood tells Buffy about how his mom died made it into the script(and a few lines are re-phrased).

The parts in bold were cut completey. Too bad; they were funny.

Something got her? A demon or a...

A vampire. I went through this whole
avenging son phase in my twenties,
but I never found who did it. So now
I just dust as many of 'em as I can
find. Figure eventually I'll get
him. That's probably why we got
jumped. I'm not very popular with
the bumpy forehead crowd. Bet you
aren't either.

Not most of 'em, no. Are you... do
you have Slayer powers? I mean, I
just... I'm floored by this... I
don't even know what to ask.

I don't have powers. No super-
strength or mythic responsibilities.
Just a guy with a few skills because
her Watcher took me in and raised me.

In Beverly Hills.

See now, that detail takes the edge
off my Little Orphan Robin story, but
yeah, that was true.

So you decided to tell me."

Source: shooting script from transcript from Buffyverse Dialouge Database.

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