Saturday, March 14, 2009

BOOK REVIEW Undead and Unwed.

I usually don't ever write something non-Buffy/Angel on here, but I love this book. The main character reminded me of a young Buffy. Only ten times sassier.

Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson.

Read the amazon product description here, or my review below. Maybe you my fellow Buffy lovers will like the book as much as I did.

"First of, yes, this book does remind me of many other feel good vampire books.
The heroin is very attracted to the main male jerk (sorry, character) and she isn't exactly Xena (here's name Betsy btw) but she can take care of herself.

Here's the plot(skip this stanza if you don't want to be spoiled).Betsy dies. Betsy deals with that she's a vampire and tells her family and friends she's back from the grave(most of her family deals with it). The head vampire, Nostro, wants Betsy to be on his side, kidnaps her and tries to make her one of his minions. Betsy refuses, and since she is the vampire Queen, she has special powers and can unlike other newborns defends herself. She just wants a normal life. She goes back home, tries to get everything back to normal, but being a vampire isn't so easy. Specially since Sinclair, the main jerk, is very intrigued by Betsy and her powers(he wants to sleep with her and keep her as his lover, kinda like a trophy). He also wants to take the control from Nostro and rule. He convinces Betsy to fight on his side. Since Sinclair is a lot nicer than Nostro, Betsy agrees. They fight, save the day(night) and fuck(this book has a few graphic sex-scenes, but they don't take away from the plot) which means that Sinclair becomes Betsy's consort.(Something he "forgot" to mention.)

The character:

Betsy. She's ten times sassyer than Buffy the vampire slayer, loves shoes, is vain, but has a golden heart and a very sensitive consience. Also, to her, no means no. No swooning when Sinclair kisses her(okay, some swooning). She doesn't like to be used. But, since the plot of the book isn't all that original(but amusing), I think they will eventually fall in love.

Sinclair. He does use his vampire pheronomes(vampires are pretty much unresistable to some humans) but he does care about the people he bites, and will be a much better leader than Nostro(I haven't read the other book(s) yet), he has sexually assulted Betsy(kissed) and is a old-fashioned guy, and he really looks the part. He's Harlequin hot and knows it and uses it, but as we get to see inside his mind in the end of the book, he does care for Betsy's wellbeing(okay, they're having sex while we read his mind so maybe he doesn't usually care so much). He has a conscience(to go with the Buffy anology, he's more like Spike from season 5 of Buffy, not season 6, urgh) but he needs to learn manners. I'm not a hundred per cent sure that just because his lady freidns are happy, it means it isn't some sort of rape. After all, the vampire pheromenoes does take a strong hold and is addictive. But since I'm very sensative about sexual abuse, other readers will probably not find this a big problem. Also, the guy did manipulate Betsy and he is selfsih, but hey, he's not evil.

There are other interesting and funny characters(this book is a laugh, I smiled pretty much all the time) who you care about. I love Jessica, Betsy's best friend, a rich black chick, fiercly loyal, but sadly, a racist.

To sum up; The main character is lovely and strong, the main jerk isn't a complete ass, the plot isn't extremely original, humans are being used by vampires, but in a ... almost acceptable way(the humans & vampires get superhorny during feeding). The dialouge is great and like I said, the books a laugh. Also, there's graphic sex in ... I think it's two scenes.

I recommend it."

Btw, thanks secretscoobie for making my day (over at livejournal).

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