Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

This weeks episode is Conversations with dead people, when Buffy has a heart to heart with a vamp, Dawn fights of a poltergeist(kinda) and Willow talks to Tara through a ghost. Well not really. She's just talking to the First. But in the original teleplay Tara was suppose to come back and visit Willow in person. However, according to The Watcher's Guide vol. 3, Amber Benson couldn't or wouldn't come. I heard that it's wouldn't. I read that Joss wanted her back as the First (I assume in this episode) but she didn't want to hurt the fans who had already suffered enough through Tara's death. I'm pretty sure I read that in a interview somewhere.
Anyway, here's a brief piece of the original exchange;

Tara: I'm sorry to wake you.

Willow: Ha...

Tara: Ha-what?

Willow: Is that like a dream joke thing? You're sorry to wake me, but I'm clearly not awake and if I was awake and you really were here, would you be sorry to wake me? I mean, after all this time and - oh God, I'm babbling. I'm dream babbling and it's the best dream of my life and I'm wasting it and-

Tara: I just meant, I liked watching you sleep.

Also, although the new big bad has yet to be mentioned by name in dialogue, the script already refers to it as "The First". And in case you don't know, it wasn't Joyce, it was The First. I'm not sure if all the ruckus was The First, maybe a magician helped with the "storm" inside the house, but Joyce didn't talk to Dawn or Buffy in season 7. Jane Espenson (or another writer) has confirmed this. But since I don't have source right now...

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