Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

I found this funny piece of direction in The Casefiles volume 2 and decided to show it to you guys, even tough it's not exactly a line cut due to length(and I don't understand it completely).

It's from the episode Billy (Angel, Season 3) when Billy makes men go mad(but not in the sexy way. Unless you're into that, which is a personal choice, I guess).

"Angel's penchant for quick exists is exemplified in this piece of stage direction from the shooting script:

WHOOSH-Angel's off into the night.
The dark figure of Angel just disappearing over a roof (or around a corner. Point is, he ain't Superman, but we get that the cat can cook when he wants to.)"

*googling "the cat can cook"*

I feel so Swedish right now. What does it mean?

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