Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buffy's fear to hurt Xander.

vampmogs over at made some good points about Buffy and Xander's relationship in Season 8, and how Buffy's afraid that Xander will get hurt.

We we're talking about Buffy dream in The Long Way Home, the one where Xander's head pops of.

I actually think the whole dream has pretty big significance to Buffy's arc this season so you're not alone :)

A while ago I was actually arguing it from a Buffy/Xander POV. In 'A Beautiful Sunset' Buffy breaks down sobbing over the guilt she feels regarding all the people who have loved her and suffered because of this. It got me thinking back to the Buffy/Xander dream and how she knocks his head off when she kisses him. She states "I'll be gentle this time" and whilst at first I thought this hinted at a possible previous dream or actual real sexy encounter with Xander, I now think it's a reference to how she feels about all her past relationships. She thinks all the people who love her get hurt and in her dream this anxiety is evident by how Xander gets hurt and how Buffy was aware of that possibility but unable to prevent it.

I theorised that this is why she pushed Xander towards Renee in ‘A Beautiful Sunset’ because she didn’t want him to suffer like Angel, Riley or Spike did. She was pushing him towards the safer option because she feared if they got too close he’d be in danger and she couldn’t bare that.

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