Saturday, April 18, 2009

Skull from Spike's crypt.

I'm a ebay-holic. My favorite thing to buy is Buffy props. Usually, it's very hard for me not to blog about everything I want. It's not only because I'm paranoid and think that you blogreaders might outbid me, it's also because I don't think you'd be interested.

Now however, I need to tell you something; I'm having second thoughts about buying this skull from Spike's crypt(I'd rather buy comics right now) so maybe if you guys are interested, you could outbid me.

It has a FOX COA, so I think it's the real deal(I'm pretty sure FOX wouldn't lie, unless they want to lose viewers). The COA says that it's screen used(which hopefully means that it was SEEN on screen, not that it was just used on a set) during Season 5. The seller believes it was used in Crush(see picture) right before Buffy discovered creepy Spike's shrine.

Come on, it was about an inch from Sarah's foot. Buy it!

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