Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spike/Firefly crossover trivia

In a Whedonesque comment, a member quoted Joss Whedon;

"Here's the quote, it was from an interview conducted with Joss just before Serenity came out in the States.

'Could Serenity take place in the same universe as Buffy but the monsters were taken care of long ago?

I think you could make an argument for it, but I wouldn’t. The only thing we ever thought of doing is having a drunken and very miserable Spike at a bar just sitting there going, ‘Nothing changes. Trust me, nothing changes.’ That would’ve been in our decadent era. That would have been like season six. But no, I have to think about them as totally separate because they have different sensibilities and they have different sets of rules. It’s very important that Serenity be grounded. I had to go into outer space to come back down to earth but Buffy was a fantasy, a metaphor for rites of passage of our lives and Serenity is something else.'"

So true. Although seeing more Spike would have been awesome, the Firefly universe would be cheapened it it all of a sudden belonged to a distance non-magical Buffy-future. Also, it wouldn't be cool knowing that somehow, Spike will always survive. Takes the suspense out of fight to death-scenes, you know?

Unless he decided to travel through dimensions for a while, and in his home-dimension, the Buffyverse, it's still 2002, and he needed a new place to mope about Buffy(or perhaps he just accidentally fell through a portal). So technically, the Firefly-verse would still be it's own thing.

Huh, maybe it could have worked...

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