Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 3 AKAs: part 1

I'm going to start a top 3 list installment that will be going on for a few weeks/months. Four characters per post, with my favorite AKAs(nick names/descriptions) for those characters (the AKAs used on the shows or in the comics that is).

3. Cookie dough, by Buffy in Chosen.
2. Class Protector, by Jonathan in The Prom.
1. A hell of a woman, by Riley in As You Were and Spike in Touched.
3. A hair-puller, by Buffy in Family.
2. Unbeliveably scary, by Spike in Beneath You.
1. L'il Punkin' Belly, by Joyce in No Place Like Home.

3. Salty Goodness, by Cordelia in Never Kill A Boy On The First Date and Spin The Bottle.
2. Craddle robbing, creature-of-the-night boyfriend, by Buffy in What's My Line part 1.
1. Handsome man, by Fred in Through The Looking Glass and A Hole In The World.

3. The Destroyer, by slug-in-Fred in The Price.
2. A sweetie pie, by Cordelia/Jasmine/possessed Cordelia in Habeas Corpses.
1. Angel's handsome, yet androgynous, son, by Willow in Orpheus.

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  1. Oh, I like it when Spike refers to Dawn as "Bite Size" or "Little Bit" or "Niblet".

    So endearing. But "Bite Size" was the best.