Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 3 AKAs: part 2

The second installment of my Top 3 AKAs list-thingy. First part here.

3. Vision girl, by Cordelia in Untouched.
2. Chips and dips girl, by Cordelia in Surprise.
1. Stick figure Barbie, by Gunn in First Impressions.

3. (Wesley's) muscle, by Wesley in Lineage.
2. A fetching mad scientist, by Spike in Hellbound.
1. Crazy taco lady, by Cordelia in Fredless.

3. A glorified brick-layer, by Spike in The Gift.
2. A very powerful man-witch, by Xander in Bargaining part 2.
1. A nummy treat, Spike in Hush.

3. Funky party weasel, by Xander in Surprise.
2. A sexy fuddy-duddy, by Jenny in The Dark Age.
1. Ripper, by Ethan in Halloween.

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