Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From Buffy vs Dracula.

"In an early version of the script, Buffy's 'defeat' of Dracula is less comic and more nonexistent. In the script his exit comes after she arms herself with a lit torch taken off Drac's wall whjen Giles and Riley burst into the room:
The arrival of her entourage is the final draw for Dracula. He fixes Buffy with a final look, full of both pain and fury.
DRACULA: 'What a shame. You could have been great, you know.'
With that, he flings himself out the massive window, shattering it.
Dracula, having changed into a wolf, comes flying out the window. He hits the ground and lopes into the dark woods."

The aired version: Click

Source (as usual for Buffy-excerpts): The watcher's guide.

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