Monday, May 11, 2009

A Angel comic list

Is anyone else confused by the Angel comics? You know, having a hard time keeping track of them? With Buffy, right now, it's just Season 8 and a Tales of the vampires special coming up, but with IDW's Angel comics, wow.

So I thought I'd make a list of the canon-y comics that has come out/will come out(I won't mention the older Angel comics that came before Angel After the fall, even tough some argue that Asylum & Shadow Puppets are canon.)

Angel: After the fall (issue 1-17 of the ongoing Angel series)
Spike: After the fall
Aftermath (issue 18-22 of the on-going Angel series)
Become what you are, Gunn/Illyria (issue 23 of the on-going Angel series)
The newly announced mini series Angel: Only human
Drusilla mini series (issue 24-25 of the on-going Angel series)
Smile Time
Not fade away
The spike on-going series
Blood and trenches
A hole in the world
The Illyria/Fallen Angel crossover

The ones in cursive are the comics we have very little info on. No covers, no real spoilers, no dates, we just know that they're coming.

Did I forget some? It wouldn't suprise me. I have so many lovelies left to read.

EDIT : I forgot the Groosalug(or however it's spelled) one-shot that Brian Lynch wants to do.


  1. I'm not actually sure Blood & Trenches is canon. It sure can be easily part of official canon as its set in the past.

    The chronological order of the canon comics go like this:

    (Blood & Trenches)
    Smile Time
    A Hole in the World
    Fallen Angel/Illyria crossover
    Drusilla #24 (before the fall)
    Not Fade Away
    First Night
    Spike: After the Fall #1-4
    After the Fall (#1-17)/Drusilla #25(during the fall)
    Gunn story in Angel #23
    Aftermath (#18-22)
    Angel: Only Human? (after #23)

  2. Well, I kinda consider it canon-y anyway. The only canon comics to me are Angel & Spike After the fall and the adaptations. The rest is just, for the lack of a better word, canon-y.

    Btw, i forgot the Groo mini series coming up. Or maybe it's just a oneshot, I can't remember.

  3. really? is there confirmation of that? i heard it was supposed to be a oneshot.

    basically anything in the main Angel on going series is canon, its the official series.

  4. It's not offical, it might not happen, but Brian Lynch wants to do it, and I'm hopeful.

    Read more here

    And you were right, it would be a one shot.

    I'm pretty strict when it comes to canon. Unless Joss says "It's canon" it's just potential canon for me. I just don't want to read a series, accept that this his how this or that character developed, to discover that Joss later on ignores that series, since to him, it did't happen, and then he takes the characters in another direction.