Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MY THOUGHTS A few things I want for a Buffy movie

Maybe you've heard the news of a possible non-Joss Buffy-movie? If not, you could read here(but it's not necessary to be able to read this post).

Anyway, here's my ideas for a Buffy movie (I have a specific idea that I won't share, that includes Spike, Angel, baby oil & me, but I think you can figure it out ; )

There should be a prologue of some sort, even if it's not impossible to do without.
Maybe it starts out with the ordinary introduction by Giles, that gets interrupted by Buffy;

GILES: Into Each Generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world. She alone will stand against the vampires the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slay-

BUFFY: Blah blah. That's the old version. Some things have changed. First of, I'm don't stand alone. Never have been really...

and then Buffy's voice(it's a voice over) continues talking while some scenes of slayers fighting and the Scooby gang is shown, or important relevant scenes from the TV-show, (that might be mentioned in the prologue).

The prologue should show/tell:

* What slayers are and something about the kinds of creatures that inhabit the earth(vampires, witches, demons etcetc)

* Who Buffy is

* That there once was only one slayers but now there's many

*Whatever information about other characters(Willow, Xander etcetc) that is needed for the movie to make sense, but there's no need to overwhelm new viewers, for example, that Dawn is Buffy's sister and Willow a witch can be told in dialogue quite easily in the movie. (DAWN: "I hate having a bigger sister", XANDER: "Willow, get your small tight Wicca butt over here".)

*Something creepy and foretelling, like "The leader of the slayer army thought she had seen it all. She had no idea what was to come."

It should be after or before Season 8, it should not de-canonize Season 8. A movie taking place between season 7 and 8 could work, but it would be less exciting, since we know that everyone will make it through. So a post-season 8 movie would be my choice. Also, there's no need to make it confusing for Buffy fans who have never read the comics. Season 8 characters like Satsu and Simone don't have to show up/be mentioned in the movie. The only reason a post-Season 8 movie wouldn't work would be if Willow died or something, because that kind of things can't just be quickly mentioned in the dialogue or prologue, it wouldn't be fair to non-comic-reading fans.

Buffy is not allowed to have a romance. It would take up too much time. Angel & Spike should be mentioned, but let's face it, they would steal focus away from the other characters if they appeared on screen.

The characters that have to be included would be Buffy(duh!), Willow, Xander, Giles and Dawn.

There has to be a group-bonding scene. No need for hugs and kisses, but I want there to be heartfelt eye-contact at the very lest, specially between Giles and Buffy. The chemistry we saw between Xander & Dawn in Season 8 need to be acknowledged.

Willow would have to fly. No matter how ridiculous some people thought it looked in the comic, and no matter if Alyson Hannigan moves like a whale when in those invisible ropes, Willow will fly. But it should be saved for a dramatic scene near the end of the movie, for effect. For example in a big fight scene, not because she's trying to reach an apple.

Actually, Willow should have her powers removed until the end of the movie. I miss the simple times. In Season 8 magic is used to easily to solve problems. True, comics are very short so the writers don't have a lot of time and can't always let the characters do things "manually", but still.

If it's fitting, it should end with Buffy having a inner monologue. Maybe she's standing on a hill, overlooking a sunset over a battlefield or meadow or something. Maybe the rest of the scoobies walk up to her, like in the end scene of Chosen.

That's some of the things I want in case there'll be a Buffy movie.


  1. Making a movie that is based on a movie isn't really a good idea. Buffy was really far too big to contain in a movie, hence why we have 8 Seasons. Not only that, if they want to make a Buffy movie that is not even related to the actual series... they might as well not call the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Really over this reboot movie fever.

    That said, if a movie that did involve Joss or was related to the official continuation then that would be definitely the way to go. Forward not back.

    It would be nice if after Season 8 and before Season 9 to tie in to the series. And if they were going to go down memory lane, they could also showcase some of Xander's time he spent with Dracula.

    Or why not just make a Buffy movie where she goes into the future (again) and it would feature Fray!

  2. All great ideas. I would love a Fray movie, and even tough Dracula really creeps me out, I want to know how Xander ended up with him.