Saturday, May 16, 2009

Five things I want explained about Season 8.

Wheter it be in the comics or explained in another way, there are some things I want to know about Season 8. You know, stuff that's ambiguous or confusing.
* * *
*I want to know why it took 25 issues for Buffy and the guys to track down Kenny to help Dawn. Did he change college and was hard to track down? Xander knew in issue 25 and Andrew was sent to get Kenny. How long had Xander known? Did Buffy think they had it under control so she didn't bother to fix Dawn? Do thricewises do this to people all the time and they turn out fine in the end? I mean, Kenny did mention that Dawn could have turned into horned fire snails, so if Buffy did know that it happened a lot, shouldn't she be aware that it might go very very far?
I don't know how much time it took from issue 1-25, for all I know it was just a few weeks, but still. Why didn't Buffy fix it as ASAP?
I think I can fanwank this one and pretend that Kenny had fled and Xander didn't fidn him until a few hours before issue 25 begun, but I want to know.
* * *
*Has Willow cheated on Kennedy with Saga Vasuki(the snakelady)? Sure looks like it in issue 10, but who knows. This is something we'll probably find out later in Season 8. God I hope so.
* * *
*In The Long Way Home, in Buffy's dream, she and Xander seems to have a thing. She says "I can be gentle this time". Does this mean she has dreamt of this often or that she and Xander has done some non-dream hip-grinding?
* * *
*Why did Willow turn "evil"? Why does she try to kill Buffy in the future?
* * *
*Who's the betrayer mentioned in issue 10? Was that just a lie to confuse Willow & Buffy or will Buffy really get betrayed? Maybe it was just that Dawn "borrowed" Buffy's Veronica Mars DVDs(issue 25) and scratched them? Okay I doubt that, still. My best bet is CLICK
* * * * * * * * * *
I wonder if Joss could write a book about Season 8. Just to fill in some of the blanks. If you've ever read the Q&A's with Georges Jeanty and Scott Allie on you'll know that a lot of things in Season 8 needs confirmation. Sometimes you get the answers in the letter section of each issue, but not always(for example, Joss did explain Warren's return).
Or maybe I'll one day sit down and go through all the Q&As I can find and fix a database with information?
Yeah right, I'm too lazy. Anyone else?


  1. *Why did Willow turn "evil"? Why does she try to kill Buffy in the future?

    Future Dark Willow would've absorbed lots of dark magics over 200 years. I think its the other way around... Willow was weary of existing for living long enough to be part of history, and she wanted to go out with a bang. So that's why she wanted her best friend to kill her cause like she said "the most important thing about death isn't who dies, it's WHO kills them".

    I loved the Time of Your Life arc but it was very vague the backstory of Willow's intentions.

  2. oh and i meant its the other way around as in she wants Buffy to end her long existence.

  3. That's a good theory. Very sad, but possible.