Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh. My. God.

Every once in a while, during my ebay shopping trips for Buffy collectibles, I find the occasional item that's overpriced. A Georges Jeanty Buffy sketchbook for 40 bucks(including shipping) when I can get one for 28 bucks (including shipping) from Jeanty's own site, a Eaglemoss Buffy figurine worth 20 bucks on buy it now for 99, but this might be the most overpriced collectible I've ever seen:


Usually, random comic lots like that go for a few dollars, but this

"This unique listing is for once in a life time offer!!!"

is just... a tad bit more. It would be A LOT cheaper to just buy the tradepaperbacks and omnibuses that collects those issues.

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