Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From The Shroud of Rahmon(Ats S2) No clue where it's suppose to be from, The Casefiles vol 1 weren't that specific.

"Also cut was this exchange in which, after the premiere. Cordelia ducks behing the counter to change out of her stained clothes, and Angel claims to have done some research on museum acquisitions:

ANGEL: 'Well, I did a little... I clicked the little... I turned on the computer.'
ANGEL: 'I know how to turn it on.'
CORDELIA: 'No, no - that's good. That's really - I can't talk to you with no pants on.'
ANGEL: 'You have no pants on?'
CORDELIA: 'See, now that you know ... it's weird, huh?'

Not sure why they think he can't use the computer. Angel seemed quite apt at finding info online in the first episode of Ats, when he looks after info to save Tina. Maybe he just haven't showed them.

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