Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From Are You Know, Or Have You Ever Been(Ats S2, second ep), a cut scene when Cordy and Wes do research about the Hyperion.

"In a scene that didn't air, Wesley and Cordelia, tracing the history of the hotel, have come across news clippings about a murderer who killed there in 1935.
CORDELIA: 'So what horrible thing do you suppose he did?'

WESLEY: 'Other than using the heads of his victims as decorative planters?'

CORDELIA: 'What? No, not psycho slasher 1935. Angel. I mean, he woulda had a soul back then, right? So he probably wasn't eating people. So what's with the big guilt? He forgot to tip the doorman?'
WESLEY: 'You must keep in mind that this was during a period in Angel's life when he wasn't Angel. At least not the Angel we know.'

CORDELIA: 'You mean before Buffy. Before all his trying to atone.'
WESLEY: 'Precisely.'
CORDELIA: 'So what kind of plants you gonna keep in a human head?'

WESLEY: 'Well, ferns, one assumes.'"

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