Thursday, February 12, 2009

Comic-related news.

So New York Comic Con gave us Buffy&Angel-fans a lot to be glad about.

From Darkhorse:

One shot ”Tales of the vampire story” - Heard from a Buffyfest blogger that was at the con;
”There will be no Buffy comic in June, The Tales of the Vampire one shot will be replacing it instead. The covers done by Jo Chen and will be about a boy in high school.”

From IDW:

Spike ongoing series – Written by Brian Lynch

Drusilla 2-shots – Written by Brian Lynch & JULIET LANDAU(that's right, the actress that played Dru).

And Gunn might get some sort of one shot. I don't have a good source on this.

Old, yet for some not known, news: Illyria will cross over to the IDW series Fallen Angel for three issues. The writer of Fallen Angel, Peter David says;
"The story is set early in Illyria's involvement with
Angel & Co. Having been deprived of her power by Wesley, she is drawn to [the town of] Bete Noire as a potential source for not only becoming what she was before, but even achieving her previous status. Remember, what we see of her in Angel is not her true appearance."

* * * * *

I'm the most exited about the Spike ongoing series. And since Brian has said here that Bek & Tok(from the comics Spike: Asylum & Spike: Shadow Puppets)will return, it's fair to hope that they will be joining Spike.

”I'm excited about the SPIKE series because it will be the first time, really, that Spike can head up long story arcs. That means growth for the character, that means building relationships over time, and that means really delving into Spike and what makes him tick. My goal is have a comic that fans of Spike can read and say "see, THIS is what I love about him" while people that don't dig him all that much can read and go "oh THIS is what people see in Spike."
/Brian Lynch

In many ways, I think this beats Spike getting his own movie or spin-off tv-series, because hey, no budget limits. The page limit is still there, of course, and the lack of actors and any kind of movement and audio(unless you count the sound the pages make when I turn them)... Okay, maybe a movie wouldn't suck, but I'll live with this. A ongoing series is more thah I could have hoped for.

And I heard from a Buffyfest blogger that Lynch said ”We'll keep going until people get sick of it”. Which probably means that this will go on for a looong time. As we've seen in Lynch previous work with Spike (Angel: After the fall, Spike: After the fall, Spike: Asylum, Spike: Shadow Puppets), he knows how to write Spike.

About Fallen Angel. I've read a up until issue 21 of the second series (the first one had a 12-issue run on DC) and I'm confident that Peter David (who has written the great Illyria one shot from the Angel: Spotlight-series) will do her justice. In the Spotlight-series he really nails her way of speaking.

And then there's the Drusilla series. I'm still not sure how much dept a crazy person can have, but as we saw in Season 2 of Angel, she might be crazy, but she still cares about her family. Maybe I won't like the character more after the 2-shot, but I bet I'll still be entertained. I've read a few fanfics with Drusilla, and she was interesting enough, so I think in the hands of Lynch and Landau, we can see some character development. Or comedy. Whichever they're going for.

About Gunn...

I tired of him and his attitude in Season 3. But I'll read it. Hey, I got tired of Angel himself after Season 4, and I'm still reading After the fall. Is that weird?

Nah, I just really like the writing and most of the other characters (Even Connor is growing on me.).

Now, after hearing all these great news, I'm very happy that I wasn't able to go to the con. I would have pied my pants in existement and maybe started singing my national anthem (nothing bad about the Swedish national anthem, but it doesn't sound pretty coming out of my mouth) and jumping up and down like a crazy person.

PS. The Buffyfest bloggers were covering the event and has lots of fun facts and interviews from the convention to share(and there's still more to be posted).

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