Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MY THOUGHTS Buffy...and Genocide?

A fellow member on asked;

"Is there Genocide within the Buffyverse?

With vampires clearly able to redeem themselves (Angel and Spike) and not all demons being Buffy slaying actions a form of genocide?"

My answer was;

"Definitely, in the sense that;

'Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.'(wikipedia definition)

I can't say that it's wrong tough. But I would feel better if all the vamps Buffy killed had to do a lie-detector test or something. Killing vamps that attack you on patrol is fine, but of all those nests that are attacked when found, without further evidence, I wonder;

Did one of all those dusted vamps not deserve to die?

However, I have so far not seen a soulless vampire not being dustable. Spike, the "nicest" vamp around, would probably have made Buffy his love-slave had she not had slayer-powers. It was just because of luck (and his belief that one day he could convince Buffy to accept him) that his love took a less violent way. I bet he had tons of times to turn her in Season 6, and wanted to, but since she might not be able to feel love if she turned into a vamp, he didn't do it. To sum up, I'm pretty sure the nicest vamp in the whole Buffyverse, is still too selfish to not be called evil, so not killing vampires because they might be redeemed is a lost cause.

So I gotta say; Burn vampires, burn.

While having a guilty conscious, of course.

EDIT- I just remembered a thought that's been haunting me since Season 2 of Buffy; Why not put souls in all vampires? Atleast the ones you could afford to catch (un-)alive?

Was the gypsy-curse a one time thing, made specially for Angel? Darla, Spike & Dru did kill a lot of the tribe that cursed Angel. Maybe the knowledge died with them. Maybe every curse has to be individual, made specially for one vampire? So Angel's curse is... Angel's?

And the way Spike used might have to be voluntary from the vampire's side, since there are trials.

So no solution there, but I wanted to point out that genocide might be the only way to go."

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