Sunday, February 8, 2009

MY THOUGHTS Buffy-fans vs Twilight-fans: Why the hate?

I'm a obsessed Buffy fan, but I'm still proud to say that when/if the fifth Twilight saga book comes out, I'll probably buy it within days of it's release.

I get sad when I see merchandise like this and read how my fellow Buffy-lovers say "Real vampires have bumps, they don't sparkle, how silly". It reminds me of how prejudiced people spit on the show about a ex-cheerleader that fights vampires.

Sure, I get the joke, Buffy, both as a show and character, is more "kick-ass" than Twilight and the Cullens (although, I think Edward could take Buffy, specially since he got super-speed on his side). But there's joking and then there's harassing.

Yes, Bella is a whimp sometimes.

Yes, the show that had seven seasons on air (and now many comics) does have less of a fairy-tale fell to it than the love-story between Edward and Bella that had fours books to develop.

Yes, I think vampires are more entertaining when they're bumpy and evil, and not friendly supermodels.

Yes, the themes of the book, low self-esteem, first blinding love and eternal happily ever after does appeal to teenage girls.

So what? Joke if you want, I know that such a popular movie and book series will draw both devoted fans and haters, but please, dear (often heckled themselves) fellow Buffy-fans, don't go to war. It's just a book (okay, fours books. And a movie.).

Keep the dislike moderate. Discuss, don't bash, shake your head, don't mock.

There's nothing wrong with disliking the story or the characters, and there's nothing wrong with loving it either.

And yes, thinking that the writing is crap is allowed, but be respectful(I really don't get how people can dislike the writing tough, I think Stephanie Meyer writes very well).

And yes, feel free to snort at Twilight-fans sometimes unreasonable devotion(Robert Pattinson is cute but not a God) but not to their faces.

You don't like it when people mock your Buffy-obsession, often without even having watched half a episode, do you?

But, in case the Twilight-fans say something respectless themselves, for example "Buffy sucks, Twilight rules" feel free to stake them for me.

Peace out.


  1. I totally agree with you there. I'm a massive fan of both as well and don't understand the hate coming from both sides at each other.

  2. I also agree, the hate just seems silly and childish. it's actually quite disappointing

  3. Hi, just found your blog...and liked this post. I have a Twilight blog named Team Buffy, and I joke a lot about how Buffy (me) would be a better match for Edward than Bella...but no Twilight-hating:-)