Saturday, February 14, 2009

Freaky Valentine.

Don't know what to get your boyfriend/girlfriend for Valentine today? Well, I can't really help you with that, it's too late, you're screwed.

However, for next year, if they're into Buffy & Angel, and have a good/creepy sense of humour (or are just simply weird) I have a few of ideas for you...

Does your girlfriend/boyfriend want Spike? Maybe these will please them.
Mrs Marsters underwear.

I've actually been thinking of buying them myself but my internal stalker-radar started to beep.

However, if your don't, here's some more "Mrs" items to choose from, both for James Marsters and David Boreanaz fans. Just search ebay for "Mrs James Marsters" or "Mrs David Boreanaz".
Car sign anyone?

Now here are some items that might not be creepy at all. It's all relative. However, I don't think I'd ever buy a props like these, to keep or give away.

A bra worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Or why not bra AND panties worn by Jenny Mollen who plays the werewolf Nina on Angel? No?

In case you're nodding, thinking these items are awesome, let me direct your attention toward some hair-y stuff.

When I first saw the video, I really wanted it. But my radar acted up again. Watch the vid.(Sorry, the best quality I could find).

So, James hair cost $25 000. I saw some of it on ebay a month or two ago, for a lot less money, but nah. It's hair. It's gross. It's expensive gross hair(no offense to James, I find cut of hair gross in general). Yet, a part of me still wants it.

Time to get a boyfriend maybe?

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